Create Company

Companies are the clients of an organization. eProcessify lets you create multiple companies along with its respective checklist in a straightforward format.


In order to create companies on eProcessify, click on the Organization name on the top right side of the dashboard.

2. Companies

Click on the Companies tab on the landing page

3. Add company details

Click on the + button to open the form to fill in the company details.

4. Enter company details

You need to enter specific details like Company name, Email for correspondence, Pan no., GSTIN, Address.
Only the Owner and Manager can create companies.

5. User-defined fields

Click on the User Defined Fields section to enter the GST username, Gst password, and IT password.

6. Upload documents

We have made eProcessify, keeping in mind all the hurdles that our clients face concerning financial documentation and processes. Thereby while creating the company, at the same time, you can also save all the documents of the respective company for any future use. Click on User-defined fields, then Custom to save the documents. Click on Next to move to the next page.

7. Create checklist

On the next page, it will show you all templates which you have added. You just need to check the templates whose checklist you want to create for that company.

8. Add checklist details

You will have to fill in the details in the checklist you wish to create. Like in the case of Accounting, fill in the month for the required period, financial year, periodicity as monthly or quarterly, and checklist to be created at the start or end of the period.

9. Save

Post entering the details, click on create, and the company is formed while all the checklist you checked would have created.