Password Extension

You can store various passwords within eProcessify, and eProcessify ensures complete security of passwords added by granting minimal access.

1. User-defined field

In the user-defined field, enter the GST password, Income tax return password, and add any other password by clicking on the custom tab.

2. Key on the registered email id

After adding the passwords, you will receive a Key on your registered email id.
When you add the first password in eProcessify, we generate a private key for your organization. We don't store the private key on our server and if it is lost, you will have to contact us to generate a new private key and then upload the password again.

3. Search for google chrome

Next, search for google chrome webstore in Google, and open it.

4. Google chrome webstore.

5. Search for eProcessify password extension

Search for eProcessify password extension on the chrome web store.

6. Add

Press add to chrome.

7. Add extension

Now click on the eProcessify extension on the google bar's top right corner to add the extension—login to eProcessify using your registered email id and password.

8. Login

After logging in, attach the private key you received on your email id in the extension window.

9. One-time setup

This is only a one-time set-up. Whenever you open the GST login page or Income Tax Login page, you will find eProcessify toolbar at the top.

10. Search company name

Search the company name in the toolbar you want to log in, and it will automatically input the username and password every time.