Filter Checklist

eProcessify understands that managing a list of companies and multiple tasks is not easy. We have made filters available everywhere to ease the job for you.


Use the Filter icon available on the top of the dashboard.

2. Filter

Click on the filter icon - put in the company name - time period - even you can enter the team member who has been assigned the job - all the associated templates will appear on the dashboard.

3. Filter on checklist page

Alternatively, we have a filter on the checklist page also.

4. Filter options

You can filter out a checklist basis for multiple options. We have taken care of your convenience at every step.
Filter by template - Accounting, GSTR1, GSTR3B, Corporate Audit, Non-corporate Audit, etc.
Filter by status - The task is in progress, completed, pending, reply awaited from the client.
Filter by the label you have assigned to the team member
Time period
Company name
Filter by team member assigned the task
Unassigned task - You can even view only the task that is still unassigned
The unassigned task can also be viewed easily to help manage the work and team effectively.