Import All Your Clients and Tasks From Excel Sheet

eProcessify provides you a quick and easy way to add all your clients and tasks from an excel sheet.
After inviting all your team members, the next step will be to import all your clients and there pending tasks in eProcessify. It will be very tedious to add clients and there task one at a time.
eProcessify provides quick import through an excel sheet. Perform the following step in order to import the excel sheet.

1. Dashboard

Click on the ORGANIZATION NAME on the top right corner of the Dashboard to navigate to the organization.

2. Set up

Navigate to the Setup tab on the organization page.
You can import all your GST client and their tasks from the Import GST tab while Income Tax & Audits can be imported from Income Tax & Others tab.

3. Download format for the client list

Click on "this template" link to download the excel sheet template in which you can fill up all your client details.

4. Excel format

Fill up the excel sheet as per the columns it has. You will need to enable the GST services which are applicable to each client.

5. Upload client list

post filling up all the client details in the excel format, click attach to upload the client list on eProcessify.

6. Import file

Click on import to finish the process.
If any detail is missing in the excel you will get an error message to fill in all the details before importing the file on eProcessify.