Invite Team Members

After successful signup, first step you wanted to perform is to invite all your team in eProcessify.
eProcessify is the tool which helps your team to collaborate efficiently on task. So, after successful signup, the first step you need to perform is to invite all your team into eProcessify.
eProcessify is designed for owners & partners to set up large teams on the platforms very easily, saving a lot of your time. You can easily view the members added and pending invitations.

1. Dashboard

In order to invite team members, click on the ORGANIZATION NAME on the top right corner of the Dashboard to navigate to the organization.

2. Click on the member tab

Navigate to the Members tab of the organization page.

3. Send invite

Enter the email ID of the team member to whom you want to invite.

4. Enter member type

Select the member type of the member as a Manager, Member, Guest, and Press the Invite button.5.

5. Invite send

Your team member will receive the invitation to join eProcessify on his/her email ID. The team member will simply need to click the link in the email and follow the signup process.