Configure Emails (One Time Process)

After setup, by default frequency of email is "Don't Send" for each checklist wherever you need to receive record. You will need to update the frequency as per your need for each client.
Once you have assigned team members to the checklist, you now have to configure your clients' emails. We understand that it's a tedious task to follow up for documents and financial records every month. We have simplified the processes by one-time email configuration to be done by you for the system to followup with your customer for various reasons like getting monthly data, tax payment, invoice payments, loan-related paperwork, GST, and much more.

1. Dashboard

Click any card view on the Dashboard page. For eg: click on a GSTR3B card view to navigate to all incomplete GSTR3B checklists.

2. Checklist

The checklist page will show all client's names with status as Pending, In Process, and Awaiting Reply. Click on the client name you want to configure the email for.

3. Select the receive record option.

  • Enter the company email id.
  • In the subject, enter the document required and press * to auto-select the period for which the document is needed, like Oct 2020.
  • Enter text in the mail body and press * to auto-select the time period for which document is required.
The email configuration is a one time process. eProcessify going forward send emails to the client every month for the documents needed.

4. Pre-defined fields

In eProcessify, for the ease of client's we have already defined a list of documents that are generally required like Sales Invoices, Purchase Bills, Expenses Bills, Cash Vouchers, etc. this can be customized.

5. Save

Press save for eProcessify to configure the email.