Assign Members to the Checklist

Once you imported all your clients and task, you will need to assign a member to checklists in eProcessify.
Assigning members is a one-time task. All the recurring checklist will have the same member assigned until you change.

1. Dashboard

Click any card view on the Dashboard page. For eg: click on a GSTR3B card view to navigate to all incomplete GSTR3B checklists.

2. Checklist page

The checklist page will show all the Pending, In Process, and Awaiting Reply checklists. On this page, to assign the checklist to a particular member, click on the plus button in a Member column.

3. Add members

When you click on the + icon eProcessify will show a list of team members. You just need to check the team members to whom you want to assign the checklist.
Only the Owner and Manager will be able to assign members to the checklist.