Quick Initial Setup

An easy and user-friendly setup process for you to get all your tasks and GST/IT passwords, and other basic details, imported on the platform at just one click. Download the excel sheet template, enable the services you provide to the client, and upload it to import all your tasks.
Import does not happen immediately. You will receive an email, once import is completed successfully.
Esay Set Up Process
Import Client Data In Defined Templates

Pre-defined SOPs

We provide you with pre-defined comprehensive checklists that minimize the amount of time and effort it takes to deal with the different tasks. These checklists also make sure that everyone in the team follows the same workflow.
Pre-defined Checklist

Automate Follow Up Reminders

We understand how difficult it is to keep following up for every financial record with your clients. We have integrated Email Schedulers with your checklist itself so that you can set up follow up emails once. When you change the status to the task completed, the trigger to clients will go off.
Automatic Reminders To Clients

Manage Multiple Branches

Users can create a different organization for each branch and track the work status and team simply by switching between multiple organizations.
Manage multiple branches