Add Custom Field

By enabling custom filed in eProcessify we let our clients add more structure, and context to the client's details maximizing the workflow.
With custom fields you can add any information about the client, like PF password, IT Password, GST Password, or you can attach the important documents like GST certificate, IT Return Acknowledgement 2018-19 or of any year, Audit Reports of any year, etc.


Login to eProcessify.com, on the dashboard, click on the Organization name.

2. Companies tab

From the menu, click on the Companies tab.

3. Click on add company

You will now land on the page with a complete list of companies. Click to add a new company.

4. Fill in the company details

In the tab to fill in the company details you want to create, below is a section name User Defined Field.
Many times clients ask us for ad hoc requests, like send me an Audit Report of the year 2018-19, or IT return 2018-19. Custom fields are a great feature to serve such an Adhoc request.

5. User-defined field

In the User Defined field, you can add a GST username & password, IT username & password; also, the option of custom filed lets you add financial documents related to the client for any future reference.
All passwords will be visible only to the owner by entering the key received on their email id.