Create Checklist

eProcessify has a non-recurring and recurring checklist. A recurring checklist is monthly/quarterly/yearly. For instance, GSTR3B has a monthly recurring checklist, while Audit has a yearly recurring c
A checklist is a way of keeping track of subtasks within an organization. eProcessify also automates monthly, quarterly, and yearly checklist creation, and checklist assignments.
For instance, it creates a GSTR3B checklist every month automatically and assigns it to the team member assigned in the previous month. Below you could find dashboard design checklists that will ensure you do not miss out on any vital steps.


From the Dashboard select the template you wish to create a checklist for - click on Create Checklist. Template are Accounting, GSTR, GSTR3B, Corporate audit, etc.

2. Add details

Type in the company name for which you are creating the checklist, the month, and the task's financial year. Assign the task to single or multiple team members responsible for the job. Add labels to understand the task's status as if it's pending for query, very urgent submission, etc.
For instance, you have created a checklist for GSTR3B, eProcessify will automatically create GSTR3B tasks/checklist every month and assigns to the team member whom it was assigned in the previous month.

3. Checklist created

Post submitting the details, the checklist is created.
Only Owners and Manager will be able to view all checklist created. While Members and Guests can only view those checklists which are assigned to them.