Complete Checklist

Check out how to complete the checklist in eprocessify. It is far easier than what you do in the excel sheet. Moreover, it keeps everyone informed when the checklist is completed.
With handy tools, eProcessify keeps all the task-related updates at your fingertips. Also, it increases the accountability of team members towards the task assigned.


On the checklist page, search the company for which task status has to be updated.

2. Set status

On the right side of the checklist page, select the status as Complete Checklist.

3. Select complete checklist

Select the status "Complete Checklist," then press OK on the dialogue box, and the task status is updated.

3. Checklist item page

Alternatively, you can also update task status as Completed from the Checklist Item page. Click on the company name and select the field for which task is completed like "Collecting all financial documents" if the task is done, mark the status as Completed.