Change Status of Task in Checklist

eProcessify has a set of statuses and transitions that a task goes through during its lifecycle. You can change the task status anytime for better clarity over the assigned task.
For example, company Blark Secure Enterprises Pvt ltd documents like sales invoices, purchase bills, expenses bills, bank statements are received on the due date. You can update the task status is COMPLETED. This will help to prioritize pending jobs and better control over the team.


On the dashboard, select the template for which you want to open the checklist.

2. Search the company name

On the checklist page, search the company for which task status has to be updated.

3. Select task

On the next page, select the task. A Task can be like Collecting all financial documents, Sales entries, Purchase entries, etc.

4. Update status

On the right side of the task. You have the drop-down for updating status.
Some of the tasks might not be applicable to some of your clients, especially in Audit. In that case, you can change the task status to Not Applicable.