Add Note To Checklist

While working on the checklist, there can be an end number of things that you would want to communicate with your team members. Adding Notes is the solution.
eProcessify has taken into consideration every minute detail that will make our clients' lives much more manageable. We have enabled adding Notes to the checklist for you to keep all the details in one place.

1.Checklist page

On the checklist page, along with the Company name, we have the option to add Notes.

2. Add note & mention team member

Click on the Notes icon below the company name for the dialogue box to pop up. Add note like ITR document pending and press @ for the team member name to open up to whom you want to address the note. E.g., @rishabh jain, ITR document is still pending from client Soham Enterprises.
When we mention a team member while adding a note, he will receive an email as well as a mobile notification if he has a mobile app installed.

3. Visible to team members

The note added will be visible to the team members. Also, the note can be edited and deleted.